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No matter what you fly, you’re welcome 🙂

Fly with us, Motor bike with us, have fun with us

Wingland has 3 runways, a dirt bike track, a dirt bike circuit, aircraft hanger facilities and a clubhouse.

See for miles!

East of Lincolnshire’s finest coastal aerial views are waiting for you. With not a hill in sight, you will be surprised how far you can see and which landmarks you can spot.

Wingland wants you!

With airfield access membership prices from £60 per year for a piloted aircraft, you won’t want to leave!

Want to become a Paramotor Pilot?

Wingland airfield welcomes instruction by training operator Ufly4fun, a BHPA recognised school.

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Resident Clubs

Cheapest Airfield Membership around

Wingland needs you!

Wingland is it’s members. Wingland isn’t just a place to fly and land from, its a community, aimed at ensuring best possible experience for all. Wingland makes improvements with its members help. Help make Wingland the Club you want it to be.